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Innovative Start-ups – The Role of Entrepreneurs in Accelerating the Energy Transition

Speaker: Carlos Guerrero, CEO and Co-Founder, Bidi Charge and ESCP’s MSc in Energy Management alumnus (Class of 2021)

KPMG reports that despite the growth of renewable energy in the last decade, today renewables only generate 14% of global energy, and are expected to power 77% of the world by 2050.

Entrepreneurship in the industry is key to bringing clean energy solutions and meeting the 1.5°C global goal. How can entrepreneurs unleash creativity, innovate and create clean energy solutions?

28th February at 18:00


Latest on Hydro and its Impact on the Stability and Security of Energy Supply

Speaker: Matteo Bianciotto, Senior Policy Manager, International Hydropower Association and ESCP’s MSc in Energy Management alumnus (Class of 2016)

In 2021, electricity demand returned to pre-pandemic levels across Europe. The region is steadily transitioning towards a cleaner energy mix, with hydropower to play an essential role, returning to the energy and climate agenda of those European countries that are deeply committed about meeting their net-zero goals.

24th November at 18:00
Why Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are Crucial for Energy Transition

Speaker: Salomé Germain Trigano, Founder of Arba Advisory and ESCP’s MSc in Energy Management alumna (Class of 2019)

The IEA reports that the energy industry is widely regarded as one of the least gender-diverse sectors of the economy. To accelerate a global clean-energy transition, it is essential to adopt innovative and inclusive solutions and embrace greater participation from a diverse pool of talent.

16th November at 18:00
Latest on Impact Investing, ESG & Climate Solutions

Speaker: Emma Huizar, ESG Manager at Verdani Partners and ESCP’s MSc in Energy Management alumna (Class of 2018)

JP Morgan ESG outlook reports that over $500 billion were invested into ESG-integrated funds in 2021. Investment funds that adopt environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are expected to increase sharply this year. However, there are obstacles to overcome in terms of corporate adoption and investor acceptance.

What can organisations do to embed a significant positive impact into their actions around not just climate change but the whole society to ensure a transition to a low carbon economy?

20th October at 18:00

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