Executive Master in Future Energy

The Executive Master in Future Energy (EMFE) formerly the Executive Master in Energy Management, is an 18-month part-time programme that focuses on energy challenges and opportunities while optimising your managerial skills. Participants will gain in-depth knowledge and vision of energy technologies, industries and markets and learn how to develop and implement a strategic mindset to address future issues within the energy industry.


The programme educates the next generation of leaders and pioneering thinkers in the energy sector through a unique style of business education. Built on the principles of its successful Energy Management predecessor, the EMFE programme develops leadership practise immersed in real-world challenges in the energy sector, building upon a diverse community of ESCP faculty experts and world-leading professionals.

The objective of the programme, is to provide participants with strong understanding of the energy eco-system as a whole and the importance of innovation, project implementation and sustainable business practices. Completing the programme will allow participants to influence the strategic direction of the businesses and organisations they lead and be able to formulate a world view that incorporates new imperatives.


This Executive Master programme offers;

  • A flexible 18-month executive programme with online or blended learning options
  • Three European seminars (blended option) providing a unique international and multi-technology perspective
  • Integrated International Consultancy Project
  • Active learning experience delivered with state-of-the-art tools
  • Excellent networking opportunities offered by our 75,000-strong alumni network

Spiros Papaefthimiou

Assistant Professor in the Department of Information & Operations Management
MSc in Environmental Sciences
PhD in Advanced Energy Saving Electrochromic
Devices for  Application in Buildings
President of the Hellenic Association for Energy Economics

Research areas: 

Energy-saving applications, Renewable Energy, Environmental Engineering, Circular Economy, Sustainability, Life Cycle Assessment, Water management applications, Energy saving and modelling of air emissions in ports and airports.


Diverse & Multicultural

Our participants are from around the world with diverse backgrounds bringing a range of expertise and cultural perspectives to the energy industry. 

Active learning 

Both our online and blended learning will have hands-on learning opportunities with state-of-the-art learning tools and engagements with faculty and energy experts. 

International teamwork & networking 

Our mission is to optimise and promote networking opportunities for all our participants. With teamwork and engaging seminars we ensure the collaboration and community building through the programme. 

Real-life project work 

Applied learning and professional development through collaborative project development solving real cases and business projects. 

Career development

Professional networking with industry professionals and leaders throughout the programme and access to our alumni network from our previous Energy cohort. 


The curriculum is developed through the expertise of our grown networks in areas such as oil, gas, renewables, electricity and others, which are at the heart of the EMFE programme. The programme will deal with cutting-edge issues, providing academic knowledge blended with research subjects and practical industry based insights, and offer a modern overview of key knowledge, concepts and tools that are required to succeed in today’s energy sector.

  • It is designed for participants who would like to upgrade their skills in management and expand their understanding of the energy industry. Our focus will be on sustainable energy, project financing and management, energy technology and efficiency.
  • Combined with hands-on projects, extensive group work, the participants will get real-life project work throughout the programme, expert webinars and immersive learning online and on-campus.
  • Participants will have a strong understanding of the energy eco-system as a whole and the importance of innovation, project implementation and sustainable business practices in the energy industry.
  • Gain a full understanding of the energy industry, its technology advancements and gain managerial skills to progress their career in any of the energy sectors. 

A 18-Month, Part-Time Programme

The programme begins in February 2025 and the following modules will be delivered. For more information on the academic calendar, please contact [email protected]

Module One: Energy Fundamentals

  • The new Energy Sector
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Sustainability in the Energy Sector


*June 2025 - London Seminar - Only for Blended Option

*April 2026 - Berlin Seminar - Only for Blended Option


Module Two: Energy Sources

  • Future of the Energy Sector - Electrification
  • Renewable Energy Sources
  • Fossil Fuels

Module 3: Energy Markets

  • Energy & Emissions Trading
  • Energy Laws and Regulations
  • Energy Markets
  • Energy Policy and Geopolitics


(October 2025 / Only for Blended Option)

Module 4: Cutting Edges in Energy Transition

  • Digital Transformation - Industry 5.0 & Energy 5.0
  • Energy Commodities and Trade
  • Energy and E-mobility
  • Smart Grids and Future Energy Infrastructure

Module 5: Energy Governance

  • Innovations/New Services in the Energy Sector
  • Governance of Energy projects
  • Energy Risk Management
  • Energy Project Evaluation and Financing

Module 6: Managing for the Future of Energy (Cross module courses)

  • Strategy
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing in a Globalised World
  • People and Change Management

Additional Programme Elements (Cross module Activities)

  • Consultancy Project (ICP)
  • Expert Webinars
  • Company Visits

The Consultancy Project

The integrated Consultancy Project is a key component of the programme, designed to provide participants with a collaborative, multi-disciplinary learning experience. It is an 8-10 months team project that will allow EMFE participants the opportunity to perform an analysis of real-life problems and opportunities and produce a series of solutions which can be implemented to meet the strategic challenge at hand.
Additionally, it will provide an opportunity to consolidate their understanding of the concepts and tools presented during the programme. The CP will start about 3 months into the programme. 



With a truly multicultural and diverse faculty and cohort, the Executive Master in Future Energy provides many opportunities for international networking. Your fellow participants will represent a wide range of industries and academic backgrounds.

  • Average age 37 years
  • 23 Nationalities
  • 13.5 years of average work experience



  • 26% Energy Utilities & Environmental Service
  • 16% Banking
  • 15% Oil & Gas/Energy
  • 11% Finance / Accounting / Insurance
  • 10% Manufacturing
  • 6% Consulting and Services
  • 4% IT / Telecoms 
  • 4% Government
  • 2% Law 
  • 1%Retail
  • 1%Marketing
  • 1%Transportation

Energy Experts Testimonials


ESCP Business School is well known for its unique historical status and powerful international network. But what makes the energy programmes extra special is the input from those who have held, and those who still hold, senior posts in the energy policy and management fields. There is nothing like building on the insights provided by those with practical experience. I have been highly impressed by the quality of students.



Michael Jefferson
Editor, Energy policy Journal
and former Chief Economist at Shell


The business of oil & gas has become more and more complex, making energy management crucial. ESCP’s Energy Management programmes and the EMC contribute to improve our understanding and training the leaders of tomorrow.



Cécile Tibi-Rambal
VP, Markets Risk Management, Total


Alumni Testimonials


Wafaa Saab

Class of 2023
Head of Projects Control and Quality Management Department
Ramco Trading and Contracting S.A.L

As the undeniable impacts of climate change become increasingly apparent, I found myself driven to develop a skill set that would allow me to contribute positively to the future of our planet. I have always been convinced that the clean energy revolution is the game-changing catalyst that will redefine how we live our lives and interact with the world around us. The Executive Master in Future Energy (EMFE) blended programme at ESCP has not only provided me with the academic foundation I needed to immerse myself in this dynamic field but also inspired me to strive for a better tomorrow.

The diverse backgrounds of participants from across the globe, combined with the expert insights of highly qualified professors who possess both real-world and academic experience, have enriched my understanding and broadened my perspectives on the multifaceted challenges surrounding humanity's future energy needs. This collaborative environment has effectively complimented my civil engineering training, honing my critical thinking skills and enabling me to approach complex issues with innovative solutions.

Moreover, the European seminars have been an invaluable component of the programme, equipping us with both technical and interpersonal skills essential for success in the global energy sector. Engaging with various companies specializing in green energy and energy management, as well as visiting different power plants, has expanded my horizons and solidified my determination to play a pivotal role in shaping the global energy mix.


Sékou Coulibaly
Class of 2023
Co-founder and Co-Managing Director
Afrilight Energy


Joining the EMFE 2022 intake, I was initially wondering if the programme would live up to my expectations, enabling me to deepen my understanding of the ever-evolving energy landscape. However, within the first few weeks, my doubts were put to rest. Each class unveiled a new, fascinating realm for me to explore, and the dedicated professors consistently made connections to current events, ensuring that our learning remained relevant and applicable.

In addition to the enriching educational experience, the programme also introduced me to an incredible community of individuals. From the committed teaching staff and management to the diverse array of students, I encountered exceptional people who have enriched my life in countless ways. Some have become cherished friends, while others have evolved into valued business partners.

Indeed, ESCP fosters an environment where synergistic relationships can flourish, paving the way for the creation of innovative businesses that have the potential to transform the energy sector. The EMFE programme is so much more than just an academic pursuit; it's an inspiring journey that connects like-minded individuals, empowering them to shape a more sustainable future together.

Laurent Villiers
Associate Director, Site Services and Utilities EMEA at Merck Procurement Global
Lyon, France

I was looking for a programme that would develop the skills needed in the energy sector and provide a high level of comprehension of the industry. A programme that would focus on the industry’s challenges and advancements whilst highlighting the expertise in managing project financing as well as innovation. The EMEM programme was a wonderful journey that built a deep understanding of the energy ecosystem. By developing a holistic view of the multiple stakes of future energy, the programme is the most international and complete program I found. It provided me with practical skills applicable to my company, as well as the key knowledge on how to build strategies and make key decisions within complex and volatile environments. The diversity of my fellow classmates was also a great add-on, exploring the challenges each of us are facing in our various regions. Since completing the programme, the future strategy for Renewable Energy Sourcing is now under my leadership within my company. I know that the skills and knowledge I have gained throughout the programme will be invaluable to my career now and in the future.


Entry requirements

  • At least 3 years of professional experience in a relevant industry and hold a master degree OR  
  • At least 5 years of professional experience in a relevant industry and hold a bachelor degree
  • Fluency in English

Fees & Financials

  • Tuition for the programme is set for the 2025 intake
  • There is a non-refundable application fee of €250 for all applicants

Blended Option

  • £22,500

Online Option

  • £16,750 (participants can upgrade to the blended option by paying the difference).

Payment of Fees

Participants have the option to pay tuition fees in one instalment or split their payments into six instalments. Those who choose to pay in one instalment must make their payment at least one month prior to the start of the programme, and will qualify for the Early Settlement Discount (ESD) of 2.5%..


We offer six scholarships programmes to self-funding participants entering the EMFE programme in 2025.

  • Women in leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Those working for NGO/Not-for-profit organizations
  • Those working in a Small or Medium Sized Enterprises (SME: less than 250 employees)
  • Individuals based in Emerging Markets
  • Sustainability Pioneer

For more information on the EMFE programme and scholarships, please contact the EMFE recruitment team.


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Tel: +44 2074438822
E-mail: [email protected] | [email protected] 


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