Nickolas FRYDAS

Nickolas FRYDAS
Senior Energy Specialist, International Finance Corporation

Dr Nick Frydas is a Chartered Electrical Power Engineer and Energy Economist, and has more than 28 years of professional experience with emphasis in the design and regulation of energy markets, sector structural reforms and energy policy. He is a recognized authority in the design of Power Markets, and his seminal study as main Author, on “cross-border integration of Balancing Markets” is quoted in the website of the EC and ENTSO-E as one of the basis for the Electricity Balancing Code:


In his career, Nick has served as Director of Regulatory Affairs with two major European Energy Trading firms based in London, while in the period 2004-2007 he was appointed by the United Nations as Chairman of the Energy Regulatory Office of Kosovo. He is currently one of the leaders of the International Finance Corporation’s (World Bank Group) efforts, to promote private sector investments in the power sector of its “Europe and Central Asia” region based in Belgrade.

Dr Frydas is also a visiting Lecturer at the ESCP Business School in its London and Paris campuses, teaching on Electricity Markets.

He is a Member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers (MIEE) in the UK, member of the Technical Chamber of Greece and as member of IAEE he heads the “Electricity Markets Committee” at HAEE -

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