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Friday, September 28, 2018

The EMC's Mission is to build a strong proactive partnership between energy corporations, government agencies and the academic community, in preparation for a new energy era. This will be achieved through the promotion of rigorous and objective empirical research on issues related to energy management, finance and policy, in order to support decision making by both government and industry. The results of EMC's research will become available to the public through publications, workshops and conferences, educational programmes and other public outreach activities.

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Conferences & Workshops
EMC Invited Talk Series
20 Novermber 2018 | ESCP's London Campus

Trawling between Hopefulness and Hopelessness: Some Recent Examples from Economics to Energy Policy

Speaker: Michael Jefferson, Editor of the journal Energy Policy and the first Chief Economist of the Royal Shell Group.

We were delighted to host a thought-provoking discussion on ''Trawling between Hopefulness and Hopelessness: Some Recent Examples from Economics to Energy Policy" with distinguished speaker and EMC Advisory Board Member Dr Michael Jefferson, Editor of the journal Energy Policy, and the first Chief Economist of the Royal Shell Group.

When: Tuesday, 20 November
Where: Room G62, ESCP's London Campus
Start time: 06:00 pm
End time: 08:00 pm

ESCP Business School & EMC
22nd & 23rd February | ESCP's London Campus

ESCP Energy Trading Roundtable 2019

The ESCP Energy Society in collaboration with Smart Global, the Energy Management Centre (EMC) and ESCP hosted a round-table discussion on "2019: What does the future hold for oil & gas markets?" held in tandem with the ESCP Energy Trading Challenge 2019. This year's event was sponsored by Glencore.

The discussion took place on 22 February at ESCP's London Campus, the debate brought together world-class academics, top industry experts, and young talent from across the globe.

Academic Programmes

London - Paris - Internship


London - Paris - Berlin - Madrid - Consultancy Project

Our Mission

The EMC Advisory Board

The EMC Advisory Board is comprised of top energy experts from the world's industry leaders in both the public and private sectors.

  • They advise the EMC in several different areas:The curricula of the MSc in Energy Management and Executive Master in Energy Management, ensuring both programmes meet the needs of participants on academic and professional levels.
  • Research that makes significant impact on best business practices.
  • Current and future activities which benefit the EMC's partners, affiliates, students and alumni.

Views on Energy News
Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Some experts are projecting a peak oil demand by 2036. Others like Fitch Ratings are saying that greater product awareness and technological changes could fast track the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) that could plausibly ...

Dr Mamdouh G. SALAMEH
Monday, August 13, 2018

While everyone has been watching the Strait of Hormuz amid rising tension between the US and Iran, a chokepoint on the other side of the Arabian Peninsula is now at the centre of attention.

The recent attack by the Houthi rebels ...

Dr Mamdouh G. SALAMEH

Centre News
Wednesday, September 12, 2018

With the fast approaching date of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU (29th March 2019), several areas remain uncertain. What are the likely economic consequences of leaving the EU?

ESCP Europe's London Campus has had a strong voice on Brexit and proudly sponsors the series of exclusive forums on this ...

The ESCP Energy Community



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