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30 October 2015

The EMC at ESCP Europe is delighted to announce that the ESCP Europe Energy Society plans 2016 EV tour of Europe, the aim is to travel Europe using clean and sustainable transport without compromising on comfort and performance. Further information can be found below.

We would like to remind you about our upcoming events:

1. Nuclear Energy in a Global Context: Opportunities and Challenges by David Kovatch, taking place in London on 23rd November 2015, at ESCP Europe's London Campus.

2. International Conference on Commodity Markets (ICCM), taking place 12th – 13th January, 2016 in Abu Dhabi.

3. CERALE International Conference: "Capitalizing on managerial and cultural ties between Europe and Latin America to promote sustainable development", taking place from 31st May to 1st June, 2016 in Paris. Energy Session on "Energy Collaboration between Latin America and Europe: Challenges and Opportunities".

Affiliate activities can be seen below:

1. Beyond Expo: Innovative and Sustainable Approaches to Health, Energy and the Environment, taking place in London on 13th November 2015, organised by the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK.

2. Post-Sanctions Iran International Business Conference, taking place in London on 16th - 17th December 2015, organised by the London Business Conferences Group.

We are delighted to announce that admission process for the 2016 intake of our MSc in Energy Management (MEM) and Executive Master in Energy Management (EMEM) programmes is now open. Individual modules from the EMEM programme are offered as an optional study track. Admissions for the programmes operate with rolling deadlines. To find out more please contact Crochenka McCarthy at: [email protected] or +44 (0)20 7443 8823.

Finally, to keep up-to-date on all activities at the Centre, we invite you to join our LinkedIn group, Energy Management @ ESCP Europe and follow us on Twitter: @EnergyEMC.

Conferences & Workshops
EMC/ESCP Europe Events
23rd November at 17:30; ESCP Europe's London Campus

Invited speaker David Kovatch, Director of the US Department of Energy (DOE) office at the Embassy of the United States in the United Kingdom discussed the current state of nuclear energy, looking at the challenges presented and the opportunities available therein. He also shared key insights on the role played by the U.S. Government and its Department of Energy, and various other geopolitical implications.

The event took place at ESCP Europe's London Campus at 5:30 pm on 23rd November, 2015. The talk was followed by a drinks reception.

30th - 31st May ; Paris

Energy Session on "Bi-regional Energy collaboration: Challenges and Opportunities", coordinated by Prof. Dr Kostas Andriosopoulos.

The Conference was organised by Centre d’Etudes et de Recherche Amérique Latine Europe (CERALE), in collaboration with the Energy Management Centre (EMC) at ESCP Europe Business School. The event took place on 30th - 31st May, 2016 in Paris.

The meeting aimed to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners to exchange ideas and to present new research results on the theory and modern practice of modeling, risk management, asset pricing and energy management, with a focus on energy modeling and regulation. The event brought together government representatives, international organizations, financial institutions, energy corporations, law firms and top energy experts to discuss the current challenges and opportunities of the Energy industry in Latin America and Europe.


Day 1 Sessions to take place at the Palais du Luxembourg

Day 2 Sessions to take place at the ESCP Europe Paris Campus.

Affiliates' Events
13th November, 2015; Church House Conference Centre, Dean’s Yard, Westminster, London

XXXVII Annual Conference – Italian Chamber of Commerce & Industry for the UK

The Chamber's most important event is its Annual Conference, first held in 1981. Over the years it has become a significant event in its own right and an obligatory date on the calendar of anyone dealing with Italy and the UK. Attendees included senior bankers, economists, lawyers and decision makers from Italy and the UK involved in a wide spectrum of business activities between the two countries. Speakers and Guests of Honour were of the highest level and included Government ministers and representatives of both countries.

The theme was Beyond Expo: Innovative and Sustainable Approaches to Health, Energy and the Environment. Health, energy and environment are three sectors that impact on our daily life. Their handling constitutes a major feat. They are subtly interwoven, and a successful long-term management of their risks would possibly profit from resilience. To this end, a holistic approach that merges ethical, economic, social, industrial and scientific aspects could prove instrumental.

16th-17th December, 2015; London

The Post-Sanctions Iran International Business Conference provided a platform for companies to engineer and nurture business opportunities in Iran’s major development sectors as well as highlighted key high value projects underway in the region. Delegates heard from organisations and entities including Renaissance Capital, GAW Technologies, European-Business Alliance, British Bankers Association, Deutsche-Iranische Handelskammer eV, Cerce Iran Economie alongside former diplomatic staff to Tehran and former operators in the region before the sanctions were heightened.

The event took place in London on December 16-17, and organised by the London Business Conferences Group (LBCG). Over 150 senior-executive delegates attended the conference where they heared from world-leading sanctions experts, economists, business operators and practitioners in Iranian commerce and trade that/who spearheaded the conference.

Special Issues

Journal: Energy Policy

Guest-editors: Dr. Kostas Andriosopoulos, Prof. Constantin Zopounidis, Dr. Michael Doumpos, Dr. Spiros Papaefthimiou.

The objective of the Special Issue is to present new research results on the theory and modern practice of modeling and management of energy systems, emphasizing ...

Journal: Computers and Operations Research

Guest editors: Dr. Kostas Andriosopoulos, Prof. Constantin Zopounidis, Dr. Michael Doumpos

Online submission can be found at http://ees.elsevier.com/cor/ and when asked, choose the Special Issue title OR in Energy from list of Article Types provided. ...

Economic instruments, particularly carbon tax and emissions trading scheme (ETS), have recently attracted the most attention to combat climate change because of their cost efficency to reduce emissions. Introducing these in Asia,
Organisations often face complex decisions requiring the assessment of large amounts of data. In recent years Multicriteria Decision Aid (MCDA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques have been applied with considerable success
Magazine's articles

Magazine: Science for Environment Policy


Winkel, R., Weddige, U., Johnsen, D., Hoen, V. & Papaefthimiou, S.

A new study quantifies the economic and environmental potential of powering docked ships in European ports using ...
The EMC Advisory Board

The EMC Advisory Board is comprised of 19 top energy experts from the world's industry leaders in both the public and private sectors.

Ernesto Barrios García-Belaunde, Head of Masters, Repsol
Iain Bartholomew, Subsurface Director, Siccar Point Energy
Thierry Bros, Senior Analyst, European Gas and LNG Markets, Société Générale
Ann Cormack, Director International, Rolls-Royce
Stephen Edwards, VP, Business Development & Planning, Nexen
Rick Gill, MD, Natural Gas Europe
Prof. Michael Jefferson
, Editor, Energy Policy journal; Affiliate Professor, ESCP Europe Business School
Anne Jourdain, Head of Strategy & Digital transformation, GDF SUEZ
Ronan Lory, CFO, EDF Trading
Angela Knight, Former CEO, Energy UK
Denise Massey, MD, Energy Innovation Centre
Yanos Michopoulos, Business leader, Management consultant and Guest MBA / Exec Ed speaker
Lord Rupert Redesdale, CEO, Energy Managers Association (EMA)
Gianfranco Scalabrini, Partner, 3H Partners
Lawrence Slade,
Chief Executive, Energy UK
Klaus Schäfer
, CEO, E.ON Global Commodities SE (EGC)
Jérôme Schmitt, Executive VP, Sustainable Development, Total
Cécile Tibi-Rambal, VP, Markets Risk Management, Total
Finn Wollesen Petersen, MD, Knud E. Hansen A/S

Views on Energy News

An expert view on selected energy news

Thanks to ESCP Europe's Energy Management Centre's wide network in the academic and business communities, our views on energy news give you comprehensive insight into energy issues.

Please join us...

> 29 October 2015
Posted by Dr Mamdouh G. Salameh

Japan might have stolen a march on other countries and oil companies considering investing in post-sanctions Iran. The foreign ministers of Iran and Japan have agreed in discussions in Tehran on the 19th of October to expedite ...

Latest News
28 October 2015

Dr. Kostas Andriosopoulos, Director of ESCP Europe's Energy programmes and the Energy Management Centre (EMC), spoke at the 2nd London Oil & Gas Forum 2015. The event was held on 26 & 27 October at the The Rag Army & Navy Club, and organised by Energy Stream CMG GmbH.

This exclusive annual ...

27 October 2015

We are delighted to announce that an article titled “Shore side electricity: key policy recommendations for uptake” written by Rob Winkel, Ulf Weddige, Doris Johnsen, Vincent Hoen, and EMC Expert Spiros Papaefthimiou was featured as the most important in the latest issue of the Science for Environment ...

22 October 2015

Dr Mamdouh G. Salameh, Expert of ESCP Europe's Energy Management Centre (EMC), has been invited to speak at the Post-Sanctions Iran International Business Conference. The event is organised by London Business Conference and will take place in London.

The conference will provide a platform ...

15 October 2015

"To travel Europe using clean and sustainable transport without compromising on comfort and performance."

In a bid to show that the means of tackling climate change through greener transport are accessible to the general public, ESCP Europe Business School's Energy Society are planning a high-profile ...

ESCP Europe's Executive Master in Energy Management is an international, part-time, 12-month programme taught in English in London, Berlin, Madrid and Brazil.
The MSc in Energy Management (MEM) at ESCP Europe is a one-year, full-time postgraduate programme, taught in London and Paris, for those aiming towards a career in the energy sector.
Advanced Master Classes

Boost your professional career with ESCP Europe Business School's executive advanced master classes

ESCP Europe Business School launched last year a new portfolio of Executive Advanced Master Classes encompassing Finance, Economics and Energy Management.

The EMC will announce soon a new set of technical courses in Oil & Gas provided in cooperation with our partner institution Esanda.

A new advanced master class on Introduction to Oil and Gas Exploration and Production is available to all our members at a special rate. For further information please click here.

The Executive Advanced Master Classes will allow participants to:

  • Enhanced performance. Our advanced master classes deliver cutting-edge thinking and best business practices, giving you the skills to meet your individual and organisational challenges. The highly interactive capability-building workshops and seminars will run over 2-3 days and are designed to empower you to perform at your very best
  • World-class faculty. Our advanced master classes are taught by ESCP Europe's international experts, skilled in bringing the results of their research, together with their work with leading global companies, into real business practice
  • A Global Perspective. Our advanced master classes offer participants a ready-made network, bringing together fellow participants from a wide variety of countries, organisations and backgrounds, with guest speakers and the ESCP Europe community

Please note that we can offer bespoke courses available upon request.

The courses are taught in English at our campuses in London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid and Turin.

ESCP Europe Energy Society

The ESCP Europe Energy Society is a student association based in the London Campus, open to all students, alumni and academic staff at the School.

The aim of the Energy Society is to engage ESCP Europe students in industry related events, maximise networking opportunities and help them develop professional skills through a range of activities:

  • Panel discussions and debates led by top experts
  • Promotion of energy related initiatives and latest developments in the industry
  • Collect and share energy related articles and publications through social media to promote constructive discussion among its participants

To check the activities organised by the society, please click here.

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