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29 November 2013

The EMC at ESCP Europe  is proud to announce the following two events:

1. A roundtable discussion taking place on the 17th February at ESCP Europe, London Campus, on  Oil and Gas Perspectives in the 21st Century chaired by Dr. Vlasis Voudouris. 

2. The 2nd International EMC conference  and 53rd EWGCFM Meeting  taking place in Chania, Crete, 22-24 May, 2014, co-chaired by Dr. Kostas Andriosopoulos.  

For more information please check below the list with all upcoming events of the EMC and our Affiliates.

We would also like to inform you that the admission process for our Master in Energy Management (MEM) and Executive Master in Energy Management  (EMEM) programmes for the 2014 intakes are open. Admissions for the programmes operate with rolling deadlines. 

Finally, we invite you to join our LinkedIn group, Energy Management @ ESCP Europe. You can also follow us on Twitter @EnergyEMC   - to keep abreast of the latest energy news and the centre's activities.

EMC Conferences & Workshops
EMC/ESCP Europe Events
17th February, 2014; ESCP Europe's London Campus

Speaker: Dr. Vlasios Voudouris, Affiliate Professor, ESCP Europe Business School and Director of the EMEM programme

Moderator: Prof. Michael Jefferson, Affiliate Professor, ESCP Europe.

The Energy Management Centre (EMC) at ESCP Europe organised a Chatham-House-style roundtable discussion to celebrate the Special Issue "Oil and Gas Perspectives in the 21st century" edited by Dr Vlasios Voudouris (Affiliate Professor at ESCP Europe Business School and Director of the EMEM programme).

The roundtable discussion started at 15:30 on February 17th at ESCP Europe's London campus

22nd- 24th May, 2014 ; Chania, Crete

Keynote Speakers:

Prof. Michael Jefferson,  Editor, Energy Policy; Affiliate Professor, ESCP Europe Business School

Prof. Richard Tol, Editor, Energy Economics; Professor,  University of Sussex

Prof. Derek Bunn,  Editor, Journal of Energy Markets; Professor, London Business School

Panos M. Pardalos,  Editor, Energy Systems; Professor, University of Florida

Antonio Guglielmi, Director, Mediobanca  Securities, UK 

The 53rd Meeting of the Euro Working Group on Commodities and Financial Modelling (EWGCFM) and 2nd International Conference of the Research Centre for Energy Management (EMC) was organised by the Technical University of Crete (Financial Engineering Laboratory), in collaboration with the EMC at ESCP Europe Business School, under the auspices of the Euro Working Group on Commodities and Financial Modelling (EWGCFM).

Affiliates' Events
11th & 12th December, 2013; Frankfurter Hof Hotel, Frankfurt

The 2013 Frankfurt Gas Forum (FGF) is an annual platform that was inaugurated in 2012 from the European Union Commissioner for Energy Mr. Günther Oettinger. The Forum aimed to bring world gas business leaders, European and German energy and financial senior executives together with public policy decision makers, to facilitate financial and commercial agreements in natural gas industry. The purpose of the FGF was to promote investments and to bring natural gas companies and the government leaders to Frankfurt am Main, the Metropolis of German and European Finance.

Based on extensive market research with the Caspian and Mediterranean oil & gas leaders, the focus of the Forum was on successfully realizing the gas pipelines of the Southern Corridor, namely TAP and TANAP, the momentum of South Stream, and the development of Eastern Mediterranean offshore projects.


  • Michael Lotem,Special Envoy for Energy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israel
  • John Baldwin,Vice President, Southern Corridor, BP
  • Gulmira Rzayeva,Senior Fellow, Center for Strategic Studies, Azerbaijan
  • Yaniv Friedman,Vice President Strategy, Avner Oil Exploration, Israel
  • George Paparsenos,CEO, DESFA, Greece
  • John Roberts,Energy Security Specialist, PLATTS, UK
  • Matthew Bryza,former Ambassador of the United States to Azerbaijan, U.S.

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Past events
14th November, 2013; ESCP Europe's London Campus

Speaker: Daniel Dumas, Senior Advisor / Mission Chief, International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Invited talk on "Taxation of Natural Resources Features, Principles, Issues led by Guest Speaker Daniel Dumas of International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The event took place on 14th November, 2013 at ESCP Europe's London campus .

20th - 21st September, 2013; Hellenic Centre, 18 Paddington St. W1U 5AS, London, United Kingdom

The Energy Developments in South-East Mediterranean Conference was organised by  City University London, The  Energy Management Centre (EMC) at  ESCP Europe and Holman Fenwick Willan LLP, with the support of the Greek Energy Forum

Government representatives, international organisations, financial institutions,  energy corporations, law firms and top energy experts discussed the current challenges and opportunities of the Energy industry in South - East Europe.

29th October, 2013; One Great George Street, London SW1P 3AA, United Kingdom

In the context of the reforms of the UK Energy Policy and with French companies being key players and world leaders in the Energy sector, the French Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain organised, in partnership with the French Embassy in the UK, a conference on Energy where the challenges and business opportunities the UK Energy policy represents were debated.

250 leaders from across the energy sector discussed the major challenges the industry faces and shared best practices.

Speakers included: 

  • Stephen Burgin, Regional Vice President Northern and Central Europe, Alstom
  • Robert Davies, Chief Executive Officer, Areva UK
  • Renaud Digoin Danzin, Executive Director, SPIE UK
  • Patrick Gougeon, Director, ESCP Europe
  • Angela Knight, Chief Executive, Energy UK
  • Vincent de Rivaz, Chief Executive, EDF Energy
  • Patrice de Vivies, Senior Vice-President Northern Europe, Total Exploration Production, Chairman of Total Holdings UK
  • Rochdi Ziyat, Managing Director, Vinci Energies UK

For more information about the event, please click here.

ESCP Europe's Executive Master in Energy Management is an international, part-time, 12-month programme taught in English in London, Berlin, Madrid and New Delhi.
The Master in Energy Management (MEM) at ESCP Europe is a one-year, full-time postgraduate programme, taught in London and Paris, for those aiming towards a career in the energy sector.
Advanced Master Classes

Boost your professional career with ESCP Europe Business School's executive advanced master classes

ESCP Europe Business School has created a new portfolio of Executive Advanced Master Classes encompassing Finance, Economics and Energy Management.

The courses are taught in English at our five campuses in London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid and Turin and offer:

  • Enhanced performance.     Our advanced master classes deliver cutting-edge thinking and best business practices, giving you the skills to meet your individual and organisational challenges.  The highly interactive capability-building workshops and seminars will run over 2-3 days and are designed to empower you to perform at your very best
  • World-class faculty.     Our advanced master classes are taught by ESCP Europe's international experts, skilled in bringing the results of their research, together with their work with leading global companies, into real business practice
  • A Global Perspective.     Our advanced master classes offer participants a ready-made network, bringing together fellow participants from a wide variety of countries, organisations and backgrounds, with guest speakers and the ESCP Europe community
Trading Room

ESCP Europe prides itself on offering our students and executives an education that moves far beyond the traditional lecture hall set-up, and nothing embodies this better than the simulation run in our Trading Room at ESCP Europe's London Campus.

The ESCP Europe's Dynamic Commodity Trading and its Alpha Commodity Trading System (ACTS) has been recently added to our expertise and portfolio of courses and is ready to be delivered in its various versions for a number of different potential target audiences (e.g. postgraduate Master students, new Trader recruits and Senior Experienced Traders).


The EMC Advisory Board

The EMC Advisory Board Members are top energy experts from leading organisations in the industry.

Ernesto Barrios García-Belaunde, Head of Masters, Repsol
Iain Bartholomew, Global Exploration and Subsurface Director, Centrica
Stephen Edwards, Head of Business Development & Commercial, Nexen UK
Prof. Michael Jefferson, Editor of the journal Energy Policy; Affiliate Professor, ESCP Europe; Professor, University of Buckingham
Angela Knight, CEO, Energy UK
Denise Massey, Managing Director, Energy Innovation Centre
Yanos Michopoulos, Vice President, Vestas Wind Systems S.A.
Lord Rupert Redesdale, Chairman, Carbon Management Association; CEO, Energy Managers Association, House of Lords
Klaus Schäfer, CEO, E.ON Global Commodities SE (EGC)
Finn Wollesen Petersen, Managing Director, Knud E. Hansen A/S

Latest News
18 November 2013

The Energy Management Centre (EMC) at ESCP Europe is pleased to announce that the brochure for our specialised Executive Master in Energy Management (EMEM) is available to download now!

26 November 2013

Dr. Kostas Andriosopoulos, EMC Executive Director to co- chair the 4th National Conference of the Financial Engineeringand Banking Society's (FEBS) together with EMC Experts Professor Emilios Galariotis, CFRM's Director and Dr. Michael Doumpos from the Financial Engineering Laboratory in the Technical ...

10 November 2013

On 8th November 2013, Dr.  Kostas Andriosopoulos was invited to deliver a presentation at the  GEF Panel Event, 'The Geopolitics of the Energy Developments in the South East Mediterranean', at Cass Business School.

The meeting was hosted by Michael Tamvakis, Professor of Commodity Economics and Finance, ...

11 November 2013

After his successful visit in March, the London campus was delighted to welcome back Mr. Aldo Bisio, CEO of Ariston Thermo. 

Professor Bisio returned on 5th November 2013 to lead a session entitled 'How to Compete for the Future', discussing a live case with students on the Master in ManagementMaster ...

Views on Energy News

An expert view on selected energy news

Thanks to ESCP Europe's Research Centre for Energy Management's  wide network in the academic and business communities, our views on energy news give you comprehensive insight into energy issues. 

Please join us...  


> 07 November 2013
Posted by Dr. Patrick Gougeon

The shortage of engineering skills to meet the energy industry demand is a well established statement, particularly in the UK[1]. Even if they differ as to the estimated size of the gap the many reports on that issue all conclude ...

Research & Publications
ISSN (Online): 2049-0917    ISSN (Print): 2049-0917

IJFERM is a scholarly peer-reviewed international journal covering all aspects of the theory and practice of financial engineering and risk management. IJFERM is particularly interested in promoting research related to the development and implementation of new quantitative models leading to operational ...

Special Issues

Journal: Computers and Operations Research

Guest editors: Dr. Kostas Andriosopoulos, Prof. Constantin Zopounidis, Dr. Michael Doumpos

Online submission can be found at http://ees.elsevier.com/cor/ and when asked, choose the Special Issue title OR in Energy from list of Article Types provided. ...

Journal: Energy Economics

Guest editors: Dr. Kostas Andriosopoulos, Prof. Rita D'Ecclesia

The special issue will include papers presented at the 51st EWGCFM Meeting in London. Papers are currently under review.

Journal: Journal of Banking and Finance

Guest editors: Dr. Kostas Andriosopoulos, Prof. Raphael Douady

The special issue will include papers presented at the FEBS/ LabEx ReFi 2013 Conference in Paris. Papers are currently under review.

Book Chapters
The chapter "Energy Index Tracking" was written by Prof. Kostas Andriosopoulos in the Commodity Investing and Trading book and edited by Stinson Gibner, a nineteen-year veteran in energy risk management and trading.
The chapter "A Renewable Energy Future?" was written by Prof. Michael Jefferson in the "Handbook On Energy And Climate Change" and edited by Roger Fouquet, Principal Research Fellow, Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change
Magazine's articles

Magazine: INFO.

Interviewee: Ed Davey MP, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change

Ed Davey MP answers key questions on the UK Government's Energy Policy and how it will balance issues of affordability and investment.


Magazine: Info.

Author: Dr. Patrick Gougeon, ESCP Europe, UK Director.

Magazine: INFO.

This academic year began with accolades for ESCP Europe with top rankings in the Financial Times and a nomination as 'Business School of the Year' in the Times Higher Education Awards 2013.

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